What is the Co-op Club?

The co-op club is an innovative concept from Silverwear Jewelry Design offering customers a unique opportunity to pre-order and save big!

The story...

While pondering a return to attending trade shows with our hand made jewelry and the significant time, money and energy needed to reconnect with large wholesale buyers (think Sundance Catalog, QVC and others) we realized this was not a direction we wanted to take our business in.

So we decided to 'mind our own business' and instead turned our attention to our own treasured customers.

After all, why not offer our high quality, hand made jewelry to the very people who love it most...at a significant savings?  We love win win situations.

How it works

. You pre order the co-op club item being offered within a specified time frame (i.e.24 hours).

2, We purchase the materials needed to hand make your item and then ship it directly to you. You can expect your item to ship within 3 weeks.

Important note:

The jewelry offered in our Co-op club is individually hand made AFTER (and if) the minimum quantity goal is met.

If we do not meet our minimum quantity goal, the co-op club offer is terminated and a full refund is made immediately to your credit card. 

We also accept personal checks - your item will be shipped after it clears our bank.