I pushed the stroller holding my sleeping granddaughter up a STEEP, Vermont, ROAD and stopped near the top to catch my breath.

I heard a gentle wind wrap around the mountainside from the north and dug my sneakers in to keep from rolling back...and waited

I sensed something special in this wind.

"just make art"


the wind whispered gently to the side of my face, as it brushed past and headed to the next mountain.

It shook me up - as years of struggle fell away from me and rolled down the steep pitch of the land.

work - play - pray 

When I returned to my studio, I lit my TORCH AND CREATED playful, art pieces using only my WILD voice as guide...AND the WORK - PLAY - PRAY collection WAS BORN.

each piece in this collection is one of a kind...created from and for joyous inspiration.

materials: sterling silver, karat gold, natural diamonds and gemstones,

chain length options: 16" to 28".

ask about our unique 2chain style.