'Beach Gal'


'Beach Gal'


2,000 yr. old tool Fossil. Matte finish Black Onyx beads on greek leather. Natural Aquamarine bead and Sterling Silver tag.

Exclusive 'slide and stop' adjustment system.

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A truly unique neckpiece that features a rare tool Fossil shard (2,000 yrs. old) from the Bering Sea island of St. Lawrence near northern Siberia.

Ancient Yupik carvers used walrus ivory to create every-day tools of survival in this isolated region of the arctic. This tool remnant provided an IMPORTANT INCOME SOURCE for the descendants of this foreboding region and this FAIR TRADE Fossil  was gathered in accordance with all federal and state regulations and is an EARTH FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE to live animal Ivory.

From beach to party this quiet, stunning necklace is rich with connectivity. Unpolished Black Onyx beads grace the supple (Greek Leather) cord and features our signature 'slide and stop' adjustment system.  

The Sterling Silver maker's tag on a short chain with  a natural, uncut Aquamarine crystal drift front to back, adding a little surprise to your day.


Greek Leather

Matte Black Onyx - Aquamarine Crystal

Necklace length adjusts from 24" to 36"