The Back Story


8 months pregnant with their second child, Sandra, Bill and their 2 year old daughter became homeless.

The apartment they struggled to pay the rent sold and the new owners let them know the rent would double immediately. Seeing no other option, the young couple Purchased a tent, stashed their belongings in the apartment basement, hoping to retrieve them before the new landlord noticed..

Sandra was 23 years old at the time, with a degenerative spinal condition that was about to change the course of her life forever.

PART 1 - A journey from despair to wellness.

with Alex Brownell

Part 2 - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single ... thought. 

with Alex Brownell


Sharing stories of her 30 year journey from despair to wellness, Sandra inspires others to discover their own wild voice and create simple and effective strategies for wellness.


Do you miss recess?

This delightful little book will inspire you to shed unhealthy adultness and discover your own wild voice.

That voice that lives inside each of us . . . our inner physician who knows how to be joyous, healthy and well, wearing a pair of sneakers, playing in your own backyard.

Benson’s Owens fought back and won

Rutland Herald | December 21, 2017


I want to thank you for coming to Omya last week. I shared articles and your television show "shift your mind" before your arrival with our staff. Meeting you and listening to your motivational storytelling in person was life changing for myself and everyone in the room. There has been a really big buzz about your talk and people would like you to speak here again. thank you are truly amazing."

- Jill Blanchard, OMYA, 2018


I am loving your TV clips. They arrived at a timely point as I am quite stressed and fatigued at the moment. It struck me how amazingly positive, funny, quirky and grateful you are with the beauty of nature and the life it enables you to live. I think there is a real need for your services in helping people be able to articulate their real stripped back voice. 

Thank you for your contagious positivity!" 

                              - Katie H, Haute Savoie France 2018