WILD VOICE SESSIONS - Discover your inner physician/advisor, that knows how to keep you well in mind, body and spirit. These 1 hour, face to face sessions (facetime, ect.) use simple storytelling to introduce you to your own Wild Voice, so you can begin practicing how to trust yourself and live the joyous life you were meant to.

Wild Voice Sessions are 1 hour.

Session 1

‘Let It Out With The Cat’ - Begin to Identify the sound of your own Wild Voice in this delightful, hands on session toward personal discovery. Relatable and inspiring, this 1 hour session, will help you experience a refreshing approach to your own health and wellness.

Session 2

‘Meet & Greet’ - Meet the Gremlins, (Fear, Should, Anxiety, Impatience, Aggression, Procrastination, Resentful, ect) and learn to shift your relationship with them, in this story filled, 1 hour session.

Session 3

‘Practice’ - Create a sustainable strategy, in this fun based, confidence boosting, 1 hour session.

Session 4

‘Awake’ - Awaken your Wild Voice for good and ‘graduate’ to a new level of holistic wellness . . . as you put your Gremlins to sleep, in this celebratory, 1 hour session.

Paying It Forward

**THANK YOU for investing in your holistic wellness. Your purchase helps share Wild Voice Sessions at schools, recovery centers and other non profit institutions for free. Thank you for sharing.

Sandra Dee

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