Happy Tour#25

While Bill is checking the oil...again.

We were moving at 55 to 60 mph on a secondary highway across central Kansas, neck and neck with the pony express trail. The hypnotic, rolling cadence of corn, soybean and billboard bible verses moved in and out of focus on the rolling terrain.

we drove for hours, seeing few other vehicles, when suddenly a white van crept up behind us, then disappeared over the rise ahead. It was hard to imagine getting anywhere fast on this vast, flattish prairie 

 we dropped over a rise and saw the van parked at the bottom and two long, scraggly haired men blocking the road and waving their arms wildly for us to stop. It didn't feel like a request but mildly commanding and both of us felt the aloneness of the place as we slowed the Triking to a hesitant stop in the center of the road.

 We slowed...a little wary I admit and with huge smiles, laughter and delight, demand an explanation of our odd little vehicle with, "what the heck is that?!"

Christian motorcycle riders that refused to leave us without a sincere, down on one knee - side of the road - hand holding prayer. We smiled for miles and miles and miles.

Thank you 'Highwaymen of the Holy Ghost.'

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