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We rode hard, side by side, facing the snow capped mountains to the north.
Tilia on her wild eyed, spring loaded horse, me on my feet, slapping my own flank and whipping imaginary reins to the pounding gallop of the springs.

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Vermont's rich history of ski areas is coming into view...The Heritage Club, Stratton, Bromley, Magic mountain in these next few sections. 2017 is a bit better conditions than the end of 2016 but still unpredictable and very changeable day by day. I am settling in to a weekly outing as conditions and my life/work/time with family permit. The up side of this is that I can 'wait and see' and go out when conditions are sweet. the down side is that it is a long time between skiing sections and my fitness sort of lags. Oh well, it is great and I am loving the journey.

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