There are 31 sections of the Catamount Trail, this week I skied section 8 from Landgrove, Vt. to Weston, Vt. I wonder how many sections my boots will last?

I learned on section 8 that I am working very very hard on my cross country skis to climb. Vermont's terrain is ever changing (love that!) and seemingly ever that too. But without metal edges on my skis, it is an arduous climb to cling to the side of a hill without slipping. A 10 mile section (an average CT section) takes about 5 hours. An all day ski.

I may need to leave my uber lightweight xcountry skis at home and find some backcountry skis and boots a better suited to these long sections...Section 9 is a 12.6 miles and as I head north into bigger mountains, it will only get more challenging. I am such a gear minimalist!